What people are saying about the Discovery Land program…

Partnering with Discovery Land Global has helped us lay a firm foundation for our children’s ministry. Our children are learning and understanding the truth of God’s Word and getting many opportunities to practice sharing the Good News of the Gospel. Not only do we have solid, biblical curriculum to use as we disciple children, but the team of directors I’m connected with allows me to collaborate with others working in the same capacity in their own churches. I have other directors to bounce ideas off, gain feedback from, and connect with frequently. DLG truly desires to walk hand in hand with their member churches as we do the Kingdom work of winning the next generation for Jesus!


Robyn F., United States

Last night we had a dinner for our incoming kindergarten kids, and what a great feeling it was to stand in front of parents and tell them how serious we are about the Gospel! We can’t tell you how much we appreciate you guys! A few weeks ago we had a day camp come in and at the end they said, “Your kids know the Bible so much more than any other church we were at this summer”.  Huge shout out to you guys!


Zach S., United States

Descúbrelo is for us, as parents, a big blessing, because our children grow in wisdom…knowing the powerful truth of God’s Word. We can see the fruit of God’s love sown in our children’s hearts, and this is something that strengthens us spiritually.

The Quiroz Family, Peru

We are excited to continue the DL program as we are seeing amazing results in our children and how they are growing so rapidly in the Word!


Jackie V., United States

One of our senior pastors made a comment that he could not resist the temptation of coming to join us when he heard the children’s worship and the lessons. He was so moved observing the children who were so engaged and organized even when the meeting place was small.


Our church pastors have even made a decision that kids between the ages of fifteen and nineteen will have their own class and will be learning the elementary DL lessons. For me this is touching and humbling indeed that the church leadership can be moved to make this decision.


Alice M., Africa

At the kickoff of Descubrelo 2023 we had a welcome celebration where six new children accepted Christ. In the second class, two of them were encouraged and shared with enthusiasm in the review game the meaning of the [Wordless Book] colors and they did very well! We give glory to God for what He is doing and will do among the children.


Church Leaders, Uruguay

Earlier this week, my son Elias had indoor recess at his public school. The kids were playing school and writing on the board. Elias decided to write out John 3:16. I asked Elias why he wrote this. His response was. “Well, my friends didn’t want to play Sunday School, but I wanted them to know Jesus loves them and that He is in control. So, I wrote the verse so everyone could see it!”


Carrie B., United States

I thank God because we could find this ministry. We see our children growing spiritually. We started with Descubrelo [Discovery Land] last August. It was a big surprise for children when I asked them the first day if they had brought their Bibles. They were shocked! After almost 2 months we see a change in our children. Now, all of them bring their Bibles. We have been working on knowing the Bible, its parts, the books of the Bible, etc. Also, we could see that our children’s parents are actively participating in their children’s discipleship.


Vicki F, Mexico